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BatiGol Weekly: Look at the picture, stop thinking about change

Our new weekly "newsletter" and comment thread pays homage to the one and only Re Leone

Gary M. Prior/Getty Images

Well well well Nation. You thought you could just nap through the whole summer didn't you? Yes, there'd be an article here and there, a rabbit-brained scheme cooked up by some devious mercato mischief makers, but mainly, things would be ok without your constant surveillance. We finished 4th after all, we advanced in key competitions, we had some Egyptian "Speedy Gonzales" impersonator arrive to make us forget all about the sale of our Vespa (I could learn to ride it safely Mom! Just give me a chance!).

You're still thinking about the bad change things aren't you? Stop.

Why rock the boat? Why change? Let us simply sail into the summer night of our lukewarm almost-success, and dream of a better body without having to go to the gym. But then we remembered. We're Fiorentina fans. So naturally everything got weirder, muddier, and uglier than a game of calcio storico.

Vincenzo Montella got fired. We have a new coach, a new sponsor coming, and apparently *expletive* everyone is *expletive* leaving. Then we as a blog (and benevolent purple-tinted oligarch) went similarly wild. 4 new writers, FINALLY CHANGING THE COLOR OF REC'D COMMENTS, and now more stupid transfer stories than a millipede could shake its many appendages ... at.

And with all this change, one more, dear Nation. Enter BatiGol Weekly (BGW), your new pseudo-newsletter that is neither news nor a letter. Named after our personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Gabriel Batistuta, BGW will be a place fostering toxic nostalgia, vociferous griping, and rounding up whatever is going on in the least concise manner possible.

For this week though, allow us to give you some solid advice. Stop thinking about the upsetting, nasty, no good "CHANGE" that's happening with Fiorentina. In fact, don't even think of it as change. If it helps, I won't even mention the "c" word at all from now on (that's "change" fyi, not any other one). Don't think of bad, "c-wordy" things, Nation. Just smile contentedly to yourself about the new BGW and remember moments like these:

Whoa we can insert GIFs now??!?!?!? TOO MUCH C-WORD! TOO MUCH C-WORD!


In "everyone is *expletive* leaving" news, Mario Gomez AND Josip Ilicic may both be on their way out. That Gomez article has a pretty nifty poll too.

The final big meeting between Salah's entourage and the Viola bosses has been postponed until tomorrow. More on that soon.

Those articles will be obsolete by next Monday. And that's totally fine by me.


Can't get enough of The Tito's tactical comparison between Montella's Fiorentina and Sousa's Basel. Small sample size and all, it's pretty darn interesting.

July may be a pretty relaxed time for established professional players, but the pressure may soon be on Fiorentina youth products to prove themselves at Moena.

Also stay tuned for a look at the state of Fiorentina finances, and how much they can actually spend this summer.

OK now get commenting. We want to turn stuff purple.