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Mario Gomez, Mattia Destro implicated in potential 3 way deal with A.S. Monaco

Noted Sky Sports journalist and transfer expert Gianluca Di Marzio reporting that contacts have already begun between all three clubs for these two players ... Wait what?

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Ok, this is a difficult one to unravel. Several days ago, AS Roma striker Mattia Destro was reportedly courted by fancy French moneybags and Champions League club AS Monaco. The Italian striker, while still a good young striker, has had a difficult season after breaking out with Roma last season, and made things even harder for himself by going to the smoldering wreck that was AC Milan on loan halfway through last season (observe how times have changed since last summer).

Regardless, Monaco is looking for a central striker and Destro has been on their radar. But, according to Gianluca Di Marzio, difficulties in agreeing on a fee has led to both clubs looking elsewhere: Monaco for a different seller, and Roma for a different buyer.

Enter Fiorentina, who Monaco have apparently already been in touch with for Mario Gomez, and who have already enquired after Mattia Destro (all according to Di Marzio). Gomez is pushing 30, has a massive salary, and has disappointed in Florence, so a reasonable offer from the French club would see him almost certainly sold, and the Viola could turn around and reinvest in a younger, Italian striker who was out of form last season but could quickly return to being one of the emerging poachers of Serie A.

So, will Fiorentina legitimately sell Mario Gomez to Monaco and then replace him Mattia Destro? It sounds a bit more like a fantasy football move than one that actually happens in real life, but then again, signing Mario Gomez in the first place felt like a fantasy. The next couple days should tell us how just how crazy this all is, but if Fiorentina can make this happen, I would say that the "crazy" involved is closer to "crazy like a fox" than "crazy like Balotelli." In the meantime, Mario is being "Super" ... but at the beach.