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Confident Sousa talks goals, carrying on Montella's legacy in introductory press conference

Sousa looks to respect the history of the renowned club, and hopes to be remembered for what he will do for the Viola, rather than what he accomplished as a player for Juventus

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

After three consecutive seasons ending with the Viola standing stagnant in the 4th position in the Serie A table, and a budding rift between the ultras and former manager Vincenzo Montella, Fiorentina moved in a completely different direction, firing Montella and only yesterday formally announcing Paulo Sousa as their new manager. Today, the club held a press conference introducing Sousa, and the new boss arrived with a simple, business-like tone.  The Portuguese ex-midfielder mentioned his excitement to become the manager of such a renowned club, and had nothing but praise for Montella's work. However, he did let the media and supporters of the team know that he is in Florence to instill his own system, and build a winning squad.

A confident, polished Sousa next went on to remind the press and viewers of his success as a player in Serie A.  He clearly fully believes that he can and will do the same as the manager of Fiorentina. Sousa mentioned hard work and honesty as two key beliefs he will implement in his handling of the team.  In regards to his past as a successful member of the Bianconeri (Juventus), the new Viola coach was emphatic that he hoped "[the fans] start to think of me for my work in Florence and for excellent results attained with Fiorentina."

"In our play we must seek to combine intelligence and art."

Regarding his style of play, Sousa was succinct. "With Basel, we scored a lot of goals" said the new Viola boss. "Only Real Madrid and Barcelona scored more than us, so that answers how questions on how I like to play the game." But Sousa also had some kind words towards the city of Florence, which also maybe tells us more about his ideal playing style: "I like the city, it is a artistic and intelligent place. In our play we must seek to combine intelligence and art."

While the man of the hour left many of the questions pertaining to Mohammed Salah to the Viola hierarchy (Daniele Prade and Andrea Rogg, both of whom were in attendance) he did say that the Egyptian could be a game changer for the Viola.  When asked about the former Bayern man and Viola flop Mario Gomez, Sousa worked around the question, mentioning the importance of all his future players, and their possible fit into his system and his football ideas. The prevalence of questions on the mercato was hardly a surprise; already in the latter half of June, the Viola are apparently far behind the other "big" teams in Italy when it comes to securing new players, and there remains an incredible amount of uncertainty regarding the future permanence of many members of the first team. Regardless, Sousa seems quite optimistic:

"I've always [taken over] beginning from the quality players that were in the preceding squad. I've already said that I am a fan of Montella's play. When I enter into a project, I look to have my input, but it will be the players who will make me to understand where we have to improve."

There is no doubt that the new boss of the Viola has his work cut out for him.  The Fiorentina supporters expect results in harmony with the success of past years, no matter the circumstances.  The owners cannot spend to the same levels as Juventus, Roma, or Napoli, and who knows when that promised new stadium will ever come along.

However the professionalism and talk of positive results from the new head man can at least provide a glimpse of hope for all those that live and die with the Viola.  Wins and losses are all that matters, and we will find out what type of head man Paulo Sousa turns out to be, as he makes the jump into Serie A.