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Babacar's agent says that new contract with Fiorentina is only "details" away

The young Senegalese striker and Viola youth product is apparently close to an extension with the club

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

In news that is getting bizarrely underreported, the agent of Khouma Babacar, Patrick Bastianelli, has done the exact opposite of what most agents do. With the modern game the way that it is, whenever an agent's player is up for a new contract with his club, usually said agent only talks about supposed offers from exotic other clubs to drive up the price of his charge, and ends with a vague "we'll see."

But today Bastianelli went on record with Sportitalia to comment on Babacar's permanence with Fiorentina, and only commented that "now we are at the details." Optimism then, that one of Fiorentina's star performers last season will be in Florence in 2015/16.

The Fiorentina number 30 scored some spectacular (and often clutch) goals for Fiorentina this past season, and in giving the 22 year old Senegalese a new, more expensive contract, the Viola are likely committing to guaranteeing him more playing time in the coming season.

At present Babacar is on vacation with family in Senegal, and won't be back before the 3rd of July, so I wouldn't expect any developments until then. But hopefully when he is back in town - and when Fiorentina finally have a new manager - the fan favorite will sign his improved deal.