Fiorentina Team of the Season

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Neto: Neto ends his Fiorentina career on a low note, refusing a contract and dropping form significantly in his last month in purple. But he gets the start over Tata, who did a good job but got injured without securing the starting position for himself. To Neto's credit, he was able to focus when called upon despite fan hostility. Is he irreplacable? No, but there is a reason clubs across Europe are interested.

Gonzalo: To me the player of the season, the only relative piece of consistency in our defense, Gonzalo may not be able to stop everything, but he's the clear focal point for both defense and attack on this team. For better and worse he's also our second highest scorer in Serie A this year.

Savic: Still the most talented defender we have, still the most fustrating. Poor judgement keeps him from being a star, but his combination of size, athleticism, and skill remains something the rest of our defense lacks. It will be interesting to see what his future is.

Basanta: Too slow to be anything more than a backup on an ambitious Serie A club, nevertheless he was often the best option out there, with an eye for goals similar to his fellow Argentine, necessary on a striker-challenged side such as Fiorentina.

Joaquín: Our other player of the season, Joaquin forced his way into the starting lineup and never gave the position up. At 33 never worked harder. Keeping him for as long as possible should be one of our primary challenges going forward, though with Macia at his his home club, it won't be easy.

Badelj: Right when I was ready to dismiss him as a bust, Badelj suddenly found an extra gear at the mid point of the season, speaking the best run of the season alongside Salah and Joaquin. He might not be vintage Pek but when he was on, he certainly came close at times.

Pizarro: Often injured and lacking stamina, age has definitely caught up with Pek, yet he remains the guy you want out there in big games. No longer an every day player, but it's debatable if it's time to say goodbye.

Fernandez: Mati had his best overall season in Europe, and with Borja often mediocre and Aquilani even worse, was the midfield's main source of creativity for most of the season. The best player on this team for the first half of the season, and while he faded after that, remained hard working and continued to gain key assists.

Vargas: He's not what he once was, but he has made the most of his role as mostly a supersub, putting in effort and long range shots to occasional success.

Ilcic: Yes, he's a fustrating enigma, yes he choked on the big stage; the Ilcic experiment has not exactly been a sucess. Yet he finishes the season as our highest scorer, and as the season started to unravel as more beloved players ran out of energy, Ilcic suddenly had a run of form which enabled us to get a 4th place finish.

Salah: Cuadrado was probably our best player last year and while he regressed to start this year, he was still the biggest game breaker when he was shipped to Chelsea in the middle of the season. Yet this turned out to be one of Prade's best moves yet, as Salah immediately showed Florence why an entire nation is obsessed with him. For a few weeks Salah looked unstoppable, and with him so did Fiorentina. While defenses eventually adjusted to him, they could never fully stop him.