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WATCH: Fiorentina fans and official media get loud, push for miracle against Sevilla

A large contingent of Viola fans were at today's open training, cheering the players on and hoping in the #remuntadaviola

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

You can't go anywhere in the Fiorentina social media sphere these past couple days without seeing two hashtags: #remuntadaViola and #giochiamolainsieme. The first hashtag is the most audacious of the two, anticipating in Spanish a Viola comeback from a 3-0 aggregate deficit. While Valencia was able to overturn a 3-0 first leg deficit only a couple years ago against Basel, so emphatically beating a team as good as Sevilla would still represent something quite sensational for Fiorentina.

The second hashtag, however, describes exactly what is happening: "Let's play it out together.""Giochiamola insieme" is the title of the new inspirational spot from the club featuring most of Fiorentina's stars, a little ad that features players encouraging the fans in participating in a shared hope to make history against Sevilla Thursday night. But even this quite well-made video, which features game highlights from some of the Viola's 2015 campaign and a super-motivated David Pizarro, pales in comparison to the energy and zeal that the fans brought to the open practice at the Artemio Franchi on Tuesday. The fans encouraged, cheered, and demanded "11 lions" for the entirety of the training session:

It's not insignificant to note how big a story the creative and passionate Fiorentina fans have been this season, ever since their brilliant, unexpected, and (I would argue) season-changing coreografia when Fiorentina hosted Inter in the fall. The whole Curva Fiesole spelled out "CARICA" - a word that means "charge," both in the military and electrical senses of the word - and the team responded as if shocked to life, duly spanking the visitors 3-0. It remains to be seen whether or not the fans' support during this week will spur Fiorentina on to a historic result, but regardless, it can't be said that they aren't holding up their end of the bargain.