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Last Games of the International Break: Games, How to Watch, Thread

The break for national team matches closes with some fun fixtures

God Save Joaquin. Photo
God Save Joaquin. Photo
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Oh you folks thought I had forgotten that games were even happening didn't you? I DIDN'T! I just found... well... nearly anything to do with Fiorentina more interesting than the less-than-enthusing fixtures out there for most of the international break. A mediocre Italy side playing away in Bulgaria was the highlight of the fixtures for me personally, and even that was marred by the rather boring debate over the "oriundi" (players of some Italian descent born elsewhere) playing for the national team.

But that's not the case today, as the final day of international matches serves up some tasty treats. Here are the standout games today and how best to watch them*:

Switzerland vs. USA 12:00 EST (Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports GO)

Italy vs. England 2:45 EST (Rai International, ESPN3 and the Watch ESPN app)

Netherlands vs. Spain 2:45 EST (beIN Sports)

Argentina vs. Ecuador 7:30 EST (beIN Sports ESP)

Additionally, I'd like to give a heads-up to the many of you who (like me) spend time "wading in the rivers" looking for ways to watch games when you don't have a TV or a game is simply not being televised. FuboTV is offering a pretty cheap and legal online streaming of any game that is on beIN. They favor Spain and the Bundesliga at the moment, but apparently they will be adding more and more Serie A matches. There's a free trial period, they have a solid mobile app, and it's a sleek layout. Just something for you all to check out (they have Holland - Spain on today). If anyone sees other options like this, I would love to know.

*there is a US bias with this obviously, apologies to the many of you not in America