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Chelsea may miss out on stealing away Cuadrado

Cuadrado's transfer to Chelsea depends on whether Wolsfburg buys André Schürrle from Chelsea

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Juan Cuadrado said his goodbyes to his teammates, fans and the whole city of Florence, but his move from Fiorentina to Chelsea is not yet officially official. And this being the last day of transfer window, there is a risk it might not happen at all. The reason is - problems in André Schürrle's proposed transfer to Wolfsburg. Chelsea are ready to part ways with the forward, but the wolves aren't so happy to part ways with €27 million. General manager of the German club, Klaus Allofs said that the deal hasn't been struck yet, and the time is running out. The blues cannot sign Cuadrado unless they sell Schürrle (or someone else), otherwise they'd break the Financial Fair Play rules.

Even if the deal goes through, and the vespa signs for London club today, it still doesn't mean Mohammed Salah is coming the other way. According to, the two clubs are still unable to find the deal over the loan of Egyptian international. Still, both Chelsea and Fiorentina, as well as Wolfsburg, remain optimistic about all the transfers.