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Barcelona rule out move for Bernardeschi

The Italian youngster was said to be one of the Catalan side's priority targets, though we can all stay at ease now, it was just a brief nightmare

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Well, well, well. Turns out that those bizarre stories about Barcelona preparing a move for Federico Bernardeschi were nothing more than.. well.. as Tito put it, dumb rumours.

While there was actually a great deal of truth to the stories, as confirmed by the Spanish giants themselves, it doesn't look like young Berna will be packing his bags for Catalonia any-time soon.

The reports from the likes of Mundo Deportivo and other media outlets came about after Barcelona's sporting director Ariedo Braida was spotted in the crowd of Fiorentina's 1-1 draw away to FC Basel at the end of November, however, the Italian has now spoken out about his presence in Switzerland and has waved off talk surrounding a potential move for Bernardeschi.

"I made the trip to Basel because I'm friends with the sporting director who is interested in some of our young players," Braida revealed to Radio Anch'io.

"Bernardeschi is a young man of value, a talent, who is appreciated.

"However, we do not need him. We already have enough players in his role."

Phew! Time to stop panicking, that is until of course the next rumour pops up and has us all running to our mummies - or maybe this is just a cruel ploy to distract us... hmmm. Either way it's certainly a delight to know that our players are doing so well that they're being linked with Europe's biggest hitters, even if we never want to let them go.

So instead of getting all worked up, why don't we just relax and watch this video of our number 10 bossing against Empoli a few weeks back.