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BatiGol Weekly 26: Holiday special

In which we learn which writers at Viola Nation definitely aren't poets.

Who knew that Winston Churchill was a Viola fan?
Who knew that Winston Churchill was a Viola fan?
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the squad

Not a player was stirring, although it sounds odd.

Matías Vecino had finally stopped running

And Borja had finally dispensed with his cunning.

Facundo was sleepy, soothed by gelato

And by smooth guitar jazz riffs played by Gonzalo.

Rafał Wolski and Jakub Błaszczykowski

Were decorating the tree with their Polish broskis.

Bakić and Báez were tucked in their beds,

While visions of starting danced in their heads.

Waylaying the tinsel were kittens so pesky

They’re almost as cute as our own Bernardeschi.

Tătărușanu's handing out presents to teammates,

Though his poor distribution means they’re mixed up as Shake-Weights.

But then who should descend into this holiday fest,

But the Della Valles with a hefty war chest?

New centerbacks, rightbacks, and pacey attackers,

All lined up and shiny, precise as nutcrackers.

With a wave of an arm and a twinkle of glasses,

Andrea goes flailing and dancing, then passes

On into the kitchen, for egg nog and cookies

From Jersey (they were sent to Pepito by Snooki).

Then leaves from the house, the nun at his side,

And ducks into dear Uncle Luca’s old ride;

They sing as they drive, to the tune of Rigoletto,

"Now let’s go out and win the Scudetto."


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