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Batigol Weekly 19: King of All of the World

In which we discuss things that are, like Florence, objectively the best, as viewed by the pertinent data.

Matteo Renzi is the Prime Minister of Italy, a Fiorentina fan, and an expert facial contortionist.
Matteo Renzi is the Prime Minister of Italy, a Fiorentina fan, and an expert facial contortionist.
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

In lieu of the usual BGW format, here's a list of people and things that are objectively the best in certain categories.

Running 100 meter hurdles while wearing swim fins: Chrisopher Irmscher

Largest ballpoint pen: Archarya Makunuri Srinivasa

Restaurant: Celler de Can Roca

Solar powered airplane: Solar Impulse 2

Hot dog eating: Matt Stonie and Miki Studo

Fastest swimming penguin: Gentoo

Donkey Kong: Robbie Lakeman

Juggling 5 soccer balls simultaneously: Viktor Rubilar/Marko Vermeer

Herb and Spice Beer: Garden Party

Serie A: Fiorentina

This is some rarefied air, folks. Enjoy it while you can, because few people can ever enjoy such august company.


Latest news

Fiorentina handled Hellas Verona on Wednesday. Relive a well-ground out three points.

Fiorentina shellacked Frosinone 4-1 on Saturday, although the scoreline may honestly flatter the latter.

It's still two months until the window opens, but it's never too early to look at all the transfer rumors swirling through Florence.

Must read

Here is the newest entry in our sporadic "Where are they now?" series.

Patrizia Panico was selected for the Italian football Hall of Fame. She is so cool.

Could David Pizarro be coming back to Italy (spoiler alert: maybe)? Find out here.

Could Mario Suárez be on his way out (spoiler alert: maybe)? Find out here.

Chloe has a match day account and some pictures from the stands of the Roma match, and some more of Florence. They're well worth a peek.

Comment of the week

Good to have you back, Catalogue.

Well, that's just about it for this week. Discuss the topics above in the comments. Or discuss, like, post-structuralist archival theory or whatever. BGW is all things to all people. And for another week, enjoy Fiorentina in first place. Forza Viola.