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Video: Watch Borja Valero's sublime touch against FC Basel

The Spaniard brought down the ball like no one you've seen before during Fiorentina's 2-2 draw away to Basel, the man must have glue stuck to his feet.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

In a match full of frustrating fouls and unjust calls, there is one thing that will surely make you smile. Amidst all the moaning and groaning and screaming at your TV/Roncaglia, you may have been too busy to notice a certain bald Spanish midfielder produce an excellent bit of skill.

Borja Valero was in fine form last night and reminded us all once more why we worship him. The 30-year-old latched onto a pass from Gonzalo Rodriguez at the back, bringing the ball down with such elegance and skill that not even the commentators could contain themselves.

This is the type of class that's hard to even replicate in a video game, let alone on the pitch.

Here have a look. Go on watch it. And once more. And again! Awh heck go on have another peek, you just can't get enough of it.

Ogni tanto un po di pubblicità al marito....viene fatta.Dai @bvalero20 , non male.

A video posted by Rocío (@rorodriguez84) on

For those with a keen eye, you may have noticed the video above was posted by none other than Rocio Rodriguez. The other half of Florence's favourite couple is back on the scene and isn't short of her usual witty humour either.

"Every now and then a little bit of publicity for my husband...there, it's done. Not bad" Her caption reads.

Just in case you need another other reason to love dear old Borja, then may I remind you that he additionally provided the perfect assist for Fiorentina's opening goal last night, as he played Federico Bernardeschi in through the Basel defence rather beautifully. He really is quite special.