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Pepitofest 2015 will celebrate THAT game

To celebrate the second anniversary of il fenomeno's hat trick against Juventus, there's gonna be a party.

But yeah, we all want to party with Pepito.
But yeah, we all want to party with Pepito.
Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images
Pepito-fest 2015Teatro de il Fosso Bandito
Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

8:30 PM local time

In two weeks time, there's going to be a party. A big party. The best party of this young season. The reason? It's not Fiorentina's table-topping form, although that's swell. It's not Paulo Sousa's instant success, although that is also pretty swell. It's not even to celebrate the 115th birthday of Estonian bagpiper Aleksander Maaker (seriously). It's the second anniversary of Giuseppe Rossi's second half hat-trick against Juventus.

Hosted by the Fan Club Giuseppe Rossi NY, it's not exactly going to be a full-on rager. Rather, it will be a nice evening gathering at the Teatro de il Fosso Bandito, with appetizers and a buffet and a screening of those magical forty-five minutes. Tickets are just 10 euros (reserve yours here), and proceeds go to the Associazione Toscana Tumori (Tuscan Cancer Center), with which Rossi has worked before.

For those of you who don't have the spare euros lying around to jet to Florence for a Tuesday evening, here's a brief reminder of what you'll be missing. Just imagine the salciccia sandwich lady is there as well.