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Batigol Weekly 17: Excellent people

In which we discuss a rational, thoughtful, and all-around cool person who is you.

Somebody needs to meme this right away.
Somebody needs to meme this right away.
Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Hey, you. Yeah, you. The one who's reading this. Congratulations. You, along with everyone else who comments on and participates in this website, are the subject of Batigol Weekly, because you're really great. Would it not prove prohibitively expensive and complicated, I'd mail all yall a cupcake.

"The Tito," you may be asking, "is usually sort of grouchy. Why this sudden fondness? Is it a trap? It's a trap, isn't it?" But rest easy, because this isn't a trap (and if it were, I probably wouldn't admit it because that would defeat the purpose entirely). I'm just genuinely happy that everyone on here is cool enough to take it easy after a tough loss instead of going into full rage-ogre mode, and that the comment sections never devolve into something like this.

Even after a super-frustrating loss, everyone has been remarkably clearheaded and even about everything, which is a pleasant reminder of why this blog is so great. It's yall. So pat yourselves on the back, or buy yourselves a beer, or do something to congratulate yourselves, because I have witnessed the wailing and gnashing of teeth that usually accompanies a loss like this, and there's really none of it. So yeah, great job, everyone. Nice job not burning down the blog or rioting or making blood sacrifices to Yuth-Sohoth.

And Fiorentina is still at the top of the table, so there's that, too.



Well, Fiorentina played Napoli. Here's the match coverage if you want to relive any of it.

Fiorentina are linked to Costa Rican defender Oscar Duarte. Here are the details we have so far.

In that vein, here's a roundup of transfer rumors we've been keeping an eye on.

Want to know what your intrepid staff of writers thinks about Fiorentina's scudetto chances? Well, here you go.

Must read

We had some good back-and-forth with Napoli blog the Siren's Song, including a preview, some banter, and a brief recap. Thanks, Conor. We hope that Napoli finishes a point behind la Viola this year.

Finally, a bit of whimsy: a look back at 1999, when Fiorentina last led Serie A. Hey, did we mention that Fiorentina are still in first place?

Comment of the week

Espreshel takes the cake for this Marcos Alonso boy band job. Well done.

Also, the cake is a lie.

Song of the week for Fiorentina fans

That's it for the Batigol Weekly. Europa League and Serie A games this week, so watch this space for more info.