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Transfer rumors: Chelsea looking to snap up Cuadrado

Jose Mourinho sees in Cuadrado a perfect addition to their already super strong team.

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

Chelsea is looking to make their squad even stronger in the January transfer window and are ready to pay 35 million € for Juan Cuadrado. The blues are offloading their current wingers, Andre Schurrle and Mohamed Salah, and will need a quality replacement. Jose Mourinho has, according to transfer market expert Di Marzio, singled out the Colombian star as the perfect player for his system.

Mourinho is a Cuadrado admirer for years now, and it would not be shocking to see him making an offer. If Shurrle and Salah do indeed leave the blues, move becomes more likely. Cuadrado signed a new deal in September, but it was always likely that he would leave the next summer.

We cannot say il vespa is unsettled at Fiorentina, he chose to sign a new deal only months ago, but it is obvious he wants [and deserves] to move to a bigger club. If Chelsea does make an offer, surely Cuadrado and his agent would jump at the opportunity to transfer to one of the best European clubs.

Fiorentina would certainly object to losing one of the best players in the middle of the battle for Champions League spot. Even with all the millions that are theoretically to be made with this deal, it puts the viola in the tough position -- finding a replacement in January would be next to impossible, and with Federico Bernardeschi being sidelined for another few months and Marko Marin at the exit doors, it would leave the team without much width. Then again, with Vincenzo Montella using Cuadrado as the seconda punta this season, not much would change. Of course, if Chelsea do decide to pay the release clause, there is nothing Fiorentina can do to keep Cuadrado. We will just have to wait and see if there's anything to this rumor.