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Chievo Verona vs. Fiorentina; Final Score 1-2: Babacar saves the day!

Fiorentina beats Chievo with the last second goal by Babacar. Third place is now absolutely within the reach.

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

Who would have thought a mediocre game like that could bring so much drama. Fiorentina 2-1 victory over Chievo Verona was far from being spectacular, but it is a victory. And the one that brings us only three points behind the third place. Plus the fact that the winning goal came in the last minute always helps.

It was yet another frustrating game of dancing around the opposition defense without having a clear idea what to do with the ball. It wasn't a horrible performance, Fiorentina had few chances, through Mario Gomez in first half, but he managed to miss another few... sitters would probably be too strong a word, but the fact remains -- Gomez should have buried one of his headers after Borja Valero's crosses. First goal came after a corner. Ball came to one of the best players on the pitch, Nenad Tomovic, who nodded the ball towards the far post for Gonzalo Rodriguez, who didn't have a tough job and tapped the ball in the back of the net.

The game was more eventful in the second half, unfortunately. The clivensi were getting more and more dangerous as the time went by. Alberto Paloschi scored after Rodriguez slipped up but thankfully offside saved both Gonzalo and Fiorentina. But not too long after, Chievo did manage to find an equalizer. A sub Ruben Botta crossed the ball in for Chievo legend Sergio Pelissier. Our defense looked like they fell asleep for a second, and the veteran striker put the ball past Ciprian Tatarusanu. Then came the part of the game when Chievo dominated. Tatarusanu miraculously saved Paloschi's one on one attempt and then seconds later, Ezequiel Schellotto's header.

Fiorentina had it's chance in the second half as well, with Mati Fernanderz and Borja Valero, but the viola left it until the very end to score the winning goal. Khouma El Babacar came on for Gomez, making a come back from injury. He headed the ball into the back of the net literally seconds before the end of the game, earning us a crucial three points and himself perhaps a place in the starting line up for Roma, in place of Gomez.