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Giuseppe Rossi Update: Minimum 4 Months OUT

Fiorentina's Italo-American fenomeno is facing a lengthy absence after arthroscopic surgery in Colorado.

Gabriele Maltinti

It's not the worst of times, but it certainly isn't the best of times. The quiet, barely whispered terror that all Fiorentina fans felt was that this sudden diagnostic surgery on Giuseppe Rossi would prove a career-ending one. Thankfully, this was not the case.

But all the same, it's not good news for Viola fans as their top scorer last season is set for another lengthy absence. The minimally invasive surgery performed today in Vail, Colorado by Dr. Singleton found a lesion to the meniscus, which was repaired, and happily observed that the cruciate ligaments are in fine shape. All the same, because of the work done on the meniscus, he will again need at least a couple months of physical therapy before returning to training in Florence, and then need still more time before the knee will be ready to suffer impacts and athletic demands.

Fiorentina communicated an official initial estimate is 4-5 months, which seems a lengthy stop for a meniscus, but with Rossi's medical history nothing is surprising. Let's just hope to have him back fit for the difficult and crucial matches that roll around in February and March. Forza Pepito, siamo tutti con te!