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Fiorentina 3-0 Guingamp: Morale Boost

Once again, Fiorentina managed to control the match at the Franchi but with a different feel on all aspects. Fiorentina scored three goals from open plays, son of Florence Bernardeschi scored his first ever official goal for Fiorentina and most importantly four out four new signings debuted with flying colors.


Montella's line-up was not popular going into the match (click here for the line-ups post) but even the most not liked choice Nenand Tomovic gave one of his best performances to add up to an overall great passing performance translated to 68% possession of the match. This percentage generated two yellow cards on the same player Mustapha Diallo to be sent off in minute 38" just four minutes after Vargas' header goal. The red card paved the way for an easier match for Montella and gave him the chance to try out two more new signings.

Attempts to score

Viola made ten attempts to score from open play and two attempts from dead balls. Five of the attempts were on goal of which three reached the net, two off goal and five were blocked. Accuracy is still less than 50% in getting those attempts on goal but in this particular match scoring 60% of the shots on goal is a pretty number to look at.


Fiorentina corners won were more than double what Guingamp had won which reflects having more than double the possession over the French outfit. Corners were not a major factor in this match as all goals were scored from open play.


Usually, Fiorentina players are more fouled except in some cases where the opposition is not fast enough on the counter. That gives the chance for a viola player to tactically bring down the opposition player. This is when Fiorentina risk getting cards and in this special case receive as many yellow cards as Guingamp and as many fouls called at 9 fouls each.


Passing was the main key to the victory over guingamp and only Gomez had a low successful passing percentage of 58%. That brought down the total team successful passing percentage to a very impressive 93%. Pizarro, on his own attempted an astonishing number of passes in the 90 minutes (108 passes). The rest of the team did well, most notably Cuadrado, Tomovic and Kurtic who successfully completed 69 passes out of 71.

After the first match day in Europa League group stage, Fiorentina are ranked second in group K behind Greek outfit PAOK after the latter thrashed Dinamo Minsk 6-1.