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Fiorentina 0-0 Genoa, Statistical Review

66% Possession, over twenty attempts to score, a dozen corners won, thirty five crosses, astonishing successful passing rate but most importantly: Zero goals scored

The statistics you are going to read here are for a team that should have won by a 4 goals margin at the least. Firstly, 66% possession for Fiorentina suggests total domination. The suggestion cannot be any more accurate while Genoa stayed back and ended up with Roncaglia off due to two yellow cards. Going deeper in other statistics will showcase the domination in many areas of the match numbers.

Moving on to shots and shots on target, just take a look at how Genoa numbers are almost on the same level as the graph's floor. In numbers, Fiorentina answered every attempt on goal by Genoa with three attempts plus some change. There was one shot on goal for Genoa while Fiorentina had seven of which 5 were pretty embarrassing for a Serie A team. The accuracy of Fiorentina's attempts stands at a low 32% of the total attempts.

The trend can also be seen on the corners graph as well. Fiorentina won four corners for every Genoa corner and the latter had three of those. Not scoring a single goal from one corner is a call for Montella to get some training done on that (He probably should include defenders in that training).

Thirteen fouls were committed by Fiorentina players during the match. In my opinion, that is a high number for a team with 66% possession. Genoa managed to keep us away from scoring with what can be considered a low fouls count at 18. Roncaglia had to take the spot light by getting booked twice and leave on a red card. It might have been too emotional for him to stay for the whole 90 minutes! Tomovic's yellow card is plus for him; he tackled a Genoa player on the counter on the left side. His reaction to that counter was excellent instead of running back and shifting to his usual right side of the pitch.

The most passes made during the match go to Pizarro and that was probably felt by viewers but I could not in a million years anticipate Savic in second place. He successfully completed 72 passes out of 83. This number is impressive when the third on the charts is identified; Valero with 54 passes completed out of 63 attempts. That could be iterated in that Savic was always the easier reliever for both Pizarro and Valero to get the ball back and move forward.

If in anyway, you are still looking for statistics that explain why no goals were scored then here is a few that are not illustrated in pictures:

1) Fiorentina as a team attempted 32 crosses of which only 5 were successful. Valero on his own, failed to deliver the 6 crosses he played during the match.

2) How about the fact that Cuadrado who is believed to be Fiorentina's most fit and valued player was fouled 11 times out of the total 18 fouls committed by Genoa.