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Giuseppe Rossi will undergo another knee surgery this week

Tests today revealed that the forward needs yet another surgery on his knee.

Gabriele Maltinti

Giuseppe Rossi cannot seem to get a break. Multiple knee injuries already have cost him plenty of playing time, as well as causing him to miss out on two World Cups, and now he's going to have to wait some more before seeing the pitch again. After visiting Dr Andrew Williams in London, it has been decided that Rossi will need a diagnostic artrhoscopy, a routine, minimal invasive surgery that's suppose to help the problems with his right meniscus.

It's not the news Fiorentina fans were hoping for, and with another few weeks without training, it remains to be seen when will Rossi actually be ready for some competitive football.  What's certain is that Fiorentina will be without its top scorer from last season at least one month. The most important thing is for Rossi to recover well, even if that might mean a longer break.

The surgery will be scheduled for this week, and will be performed by the clinic in Vail, Colorado, where Pepito underwent surgery last season.