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Fiorentina Preseason: Friendly Matches

Fiorentina was as busy as could be this Summer in terms of participating in friendly matches at their training camp Moena and in South America at a newly introduced EuroAmericana Competition. The best is yet to come when three La Liga top teams host Fiorentina in the last set of friendly matches.

Gabriele Maltinti

The Moena Set of Friendlies

The FIFA World Cup hasn't ended when snubbed Fiorentina players from various national teams put on their training jerseys and hit the grounds in Moena. Fiorentina played three warm up friendlies between 9th and 20th of July against Trentino, La Fiorita, Kalloni respectively. Trentino received 8 goals from Fiorentina while Neto conceded two goals from two free kicks. The second friendly was played against La Fiorita and similar to the first match, it was won with ease at six goals to nil. The last friendly against Kalloni seemed to test Fiorentina's offensive power and allowed the one goal through.

EuroAmerican Set of Friendlies

Our German scoring machine was on target for the match only goal when Fiorentina kicked of their tourney jounrey against Argentinian side Estudiantes. With Viola Nation proudly represented in the stands by Davih of Germio, Rossi managed to take one back after a two early goal deficit against Brazilian side Palmeiras. The last match for Fiorentina against Peruvian side Universitario was also the tie breaker for the friendly Cup. The American continents managed to tie up the total score with Europe  to 4 wins each after losing three in a row in the beginning of the tournament. The tie breaker was colored purple with Brilliante strike in the net.

Spanish Set of Friendlies

Coming soon, Fiorentina will go against three Spanish teams starting with Malaga then Real Betis and finally Real Madrid. Fiorentina are scheduled to have their last friendly on 16th of August. The team will be then making final preparations before flying to Roma to hopefully start things off with a bang against one of Serie A contenders.