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Serie A Opposition Summer 2014 Transfers Part V: AS Roma

Roma and after coming in second last season behind a self imploding club are looking to strengthen their squad and go as deep as possible since the ride will include the Champions League this season.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports


· Iturbe from Verona and Sanabria from Sassuolo (Both attackers). Manolas from Olympiakos.

· Players brought in on loan are Astori from Cagliari, Paredes from Boca Juniors and Ucan from Fenerbache

· Free players signed are Emanuelson from AC Milan, Ashley Cole from Chelsea and Keita from Valencia


· D Alessandro to Atalanta, Verre to Udinese and Benatia to Bayern Munchen

· Two players are loaned, Dodo to Inter and Jedvaj to Leverkusen

· Jose Angel was released after his contract expired and was signed by Porto

2 attackers, 2 defenders and 4 midfielders were purchased for a total of €37.5 Million

1 midfielder and 3 defenders were sold for a total of €32 Million

It seems like Roma are only adding depth to the squad and will not be making major changes to the main players with the exception of Iturbe. Even Benatia was directly replaced with Manolas. Only time will tell if that 17 Million difference was worth it for the Romans.

Pre-Season Results:

AS Roma 3-1 Indonesia U-23

AS Roma 4-1 Wiener SC

AS Roma 5-0 SV Eltendorf

AS Roma 0-2 Inter Milan

AS Roma 2-3 Manchester United

AS Roma 1-0 Liverpool

AS Roma 1-0 Real Madrid

AS Roma 3-3 Fenerbache

AS Roma 2-1 AEK Athena

This is the end of this series which i have enjoyed writing and interveiwing different bloggers for. A repeat of the series is planned mid-season after the transfer window is closed to analyse how things went for Fiorentina's Serie A oppositions.