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Serie A Opposition Summer 2014 Transfers Part I: Inter Milan

Walter Mazzarri has not been as hot for Inter as expected, and Thohir's appearance in the stands somehow brought bad luck to Inter at the Giuseppe Meazza. The club still thinks itself to be in a transitional phase, but they insist on bringing in players that are at least three or four years past their prime.

Paul Gilham


  • Defense: Dodo from Roma (Loan) and Vidic from Manchester United (Free)
  • Midfield: MVila from Ruben Kazan (Loan) and Medel purchased from Cardiff
  • Attack: Osvaldo from Southampton (Loan)
  • Laxalt loaned to Empoli
  • Taider loaned to Southampton
  • Samuel was released after ending his contract and signed by Basel as a free agent
Inter only spent money on Medel, which means that their total transfer summer spending is €12.5 million.
The transfers performed by Inter indicate that Thohir or Mazzarri (or whoever is in charge of their long term player recruitment) is content with the current Inter Milan and that the "transitional phase" is a psychological one, not one of talent.

On Going Rumors:
  • Guarin off to Manchester United or Tottenham
  • Soldado coming in from Tottenham
Pre Season Results:

Inter 6-1 Trentino
Inter 1-0 Prato
Inter 1-1 Real Madrid
Inter 0-0 Manchester United
Inter 2-0 Roma
Inter 1-3 Frankfurt
Inter 0-0 PAOK