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Coppa Italia Takes Off

The first round of Coppa Italia 2014/15 is scheduled today evening. Fiorentina will sit back until mid January to have a say in this competition. As runners-up of the tournament 2013/14 copy, Viola will want to re-visit the Italian Capital next May.

Valerio Pennicino

Representing Tuscany in the First Round

Calcio Pisa will host Rapallobogliasco in the first round. A derby against Fiorentina is possible but unlikely for Pisa. Their path if they keep on winning will be consist of Carpi then Atalanta which is the most likely team to face Fiorentina in the round of 16.

Citta Di Pontedera host Messina in the first round. Qualification is possible for the Tuscans but the third round holds Sassuolo in fate if they were able to overcome Citadel in the Second round.

Before & After

Before Viola takes part in the Coppa Italia, eight matches will be played eliminating 9 aspiring clubs. The 10th club will face Fiorentina in the round of 16 in mid January. Here is a table on the Pre-Viola games:

1st Round


2nd Round


3rd Round


4th Round


Round of 16


Pisa vs Rapallobogliasco

Carpi vs Winner

Atalanta vs Winner

Winner vs Winner

Fiorentina vs Winner

Savona vs Terracina

Bari vs Winner

Winner vs Winner

Venezia vs Taranto

Avellino vs Winner

With that part over then Fiorentina would move onto the Quarterfinals. A trip to Roma is probable but not a sure thing. There are three teams in the build up of Roma's Round of 16 match that could be the tournament surprise. Namely, Bologna, Empoli and Genoa.

The Semi-Finals (if we qualify) will only get harder against Juventus, Parma or, if luck is on Fiorentina's side and neither of them make it, Verona, Palermo or Cagliari.

A final repeat is possible against Napoli and a meeting with one of the fashion capital clubs is also a possibility.