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Get To Know A Contributor: Uros Popovic

In the wake of slakas stepping down, we introduce and welcome our newest contributor, Uros Popovic, with a brief Q&A!

Gabriele Maltinti

I was very glad to hear that Uros was interested in writing for Viola Nation recently, and when I found out that slakas was stepping down, it was only natural to invite him to join the team as soon as possible to prepare for the new season. Uros is a regular contributor over on the SB Nation Soccer Serie A hub, and an active commentator on Twitter under the handle @slowriot23. Since he was stepping in at a time when there are big shoes to fill, it only seemed right to give him a proper introduction.

Where are you based?

"Montenegro. The land of Marko Bakic, Stevan Jovetic and for those unfortunate to remember, Mijatovic."

How long have you been following Fiorentina? How did that happen?

"I think 2014 marks 20 years. The year when we were relegated after having signed Brian Laudrup and Steffan Effenberg, among others. I'm honestly not sure how did it happen. We always had RAI channels in coastal Montenegro, so I kinda grew up watching 90' minuto, Domenica Sportiva and other shows, and I just somehow started liking Fiorentina. I think it was both that the name sounded nice, and I liked the shirts."

What's your fondest memory as a Fiorentina fan?

"That would probably be Batistuta's goal on Wembley in '99. That was some team, and that goal was just incredible."

Do you have a favorite Fiorentina player?

"Hmm, I am afraid I won't be really original here. Batigol and Rui are gods, but I also very much loved Enrico Chiesa."

I know you are fan of multiple sports and clubs... What other big sports story should we be paying attention to right now?

"Sunday was the last day of Tour de France. Italy got their first winner after 15 years in Vincenzo Nibali. I think that might restore the love Italians always had for cycling, and maybe help heal the wounds of the World Cup. And if you do find cycling interesting, Vuelta a Espana is starting in little more than three weeks. Other than that, it's pretty much football :)"

What song best suits the upcoming Fiorentina season? Last season?

"Hmm, a song, eh. Being a pop music nerd, this is something that would require a lot of thinking. But, hm, with risking of coming off as silly, let's go with Belle and Sebiastian - Another Sunny Day for the upcoming season and the last one... The White Stripes - My Doorbell. I don't even know why."

Any questions for the Viola Nation community?

"Mauro Bressan or Alberto Aquilani?"

Well that last one should create a firestorm. You'll be hearing a lot from Uros today as he provides coverage for our match against Palmeiras this evening. Be sure to give him a warm welcome in the comments Nation!