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2013/2014 Serie A Fixtures: A Quick Look

A couple difficult stretches of games and an away opener against Roma await Fiorentina in Serie A this season. Here's a brief and Viola-centric reaction to the calendar.

Gabriele Maltinti

Much has already been said about the upcoming season's fixtures, including a handy guide of the best matches on paper in the coming season (in case you occasionally like watching other teams... You weirdo). Regardless it seemed appropriate to give a brief breakdown of the coming season, highlighting a couple of the key matches to look forward to. Or, you know, dread, as the case may be.

Roma vs. Fiorentina, August 31st: So you are saying that we play arguably the favorites for the Scudetto away on the first day of the season? Oh and we are fielding some of their former players? And our manager was one of their stars the last time they won the league? Ok you're right I guess it's kind of a big deal.

Torino vs. Fiorentina, September 28th: It's always a grand occasion to face either Torino or Hellas Verona because of the great relationships between fans, but this one should be particularly fun given that Torino had apparently narrowly missed out on a European berth in Florence last season with Alessio Cerci missing a last minute penalty (with many Viola fans cheering on the away side, given the game was meaningless for us).

These two clubs have such fantastic histories, and it is wonderful to have them both finally back competing for top places, and, background aside, the match should be a hard-fought and entertaining. One final note about this game's importance in the context of the season: our fixtures agaisnt Torino also kick off Fiorentina's toughest strings of games in the calendar, and the return leg in Florence will herald another rough stretch of difficult away games in the spring while we might be (hopefully) facing crucial Europa League games. One of the more unfortunate alignments in this year's schedule.

Milan vs. Fiorentina, October 26th: Is it just me, or do we always seem to play these ghouls around Halloween?

the Juventus games ... Look them up, put them in your calendar, plan your sick days accordingly.

Fiorentina vs. Empoli, December 21st: Rekindled Tuscan derbies anyone?

Here's the full Fiorentina schedule from the official Twitter account: