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Thanks for the memories...

It's time for another grizzled old veteran to walk off the pitch, hang up his cleats and head on up to the stands with the rest of the fans

I've been blogging about the Viola for more years than I can count at the moment, started as a Ted understudy on the other site, joined Mike in bringing the blog over, onward and upward to the new format here at SB Nation and brought on new talent in Lorenzo and MIQ.

I've seen Fiorentina go from Champions League play through the Prandelli/Delle Valle breakup, through the Mihajlovic doldrums and The Rossi debacle. Seen the Fat Ninja leave for the Skinny Ninja, bringing a fresh wave of talent and the resurgence of Fiorentina in Serie A and the return to European play.

After this summer, which I basically took off, as MIQ did most of the WC work,  I've come to realize I just don't have the desire and the joy anymore. It's become like a job, and I think this forum needs and deserves better.

So, I am stepping aside, quite confidant that I'm handing the reins over to the perfect people to take this blog to the next level in Lorenzo and MIQ. I'm guessing they will bring on another, or more, writers, but I'll leave those decisions to them.

Rest assured, you have definitely NOT seen the last of me, I will continue to contribute in the comments section and you may see a fan post from time to time.

I thank you all for your time, your interest, your contributions, to me and the blog and your many kind words.

Thank you all and FORZA VIOLA