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World Cup 2014 Day 1: Samba Victory

Neymar brings Brazil back up after an own goal to forget by Marcelo. The world Cup kicked off with a Brazilian opening ceremony that ended with very tight green & blue dresses blowing kisses all over.

Buda Mendes


It was a day to remember for all football fans when the World Cup hosts Brazil began their journey against a strong Croatian side. It was all possession for Brazil and an obvious strategy for counter attacks on the Croatian side. On the 11th Minute, Croatia went on the counter attack from the left side. Olic sent a low cross that no one was able to properly convert to the goal or clear away from it and ended up bouncing off of Marcelo’s boot into the Brazilian net making this own goal the first ever after 19 World Cups being the Tournament opening goal.

With the continued possession and a few chances on the Croatian goal, Neymar was able to score a crawling brace and firing up his team to turn the tables. The leveling goal was followed by a few chances on both sides of the pitch until 25 minutes after half time. Fred was obstructed in the box by Lovren and the former made no effort to keep trying with the ball on his feet and forced the Japanese referee to blow his whistle calling a penalty kick for Brazil. The penalty kick was converted by Neymar who sent the ball to Stipe’s right only to be deflected by the keeper's hand into the net.

A few minutes later Viola’s Rebic came in and the Croatian outfit began to move forward a little too late in the game and forced a few difficult saves from Julio before Brazilian Oscar scored the third and final goal in the match on the rebound.


There are so many things that I would be able to write an hour of stand-up comedy on, so here is the summarized version. Claudia gets up there and then Jennifer Lopez joins her and they both look amazing according to my wife! Then I see a short bold math teacher wearing his pants up to his chest and looked like he just woke up, went to the bathroom and then for some reason needed to wash the wipe the floor (Hence the short pants). Not to mention how awful this World Cup song is, I would like to personally thank Jennifer & Claudia on behalf of my wife for their sensational performance.

Sometime in the first half, Nishimora awards a free kick to Brazil and out of nowhere (Please tell me if any of you have seen this before) Nishi-San pulls the magic white paint from his back pocket and marks where the ball is and then draws the line. [Mocking a strong angry voice]: You just think about crossing this line $%#$%. Let us stop here for a moment and think about it. I felt so frustrated for those players seriously not able to move making me wonder how i would feel if i was right there at the line. All players’ consent must be taken before doing such a horrible act. The funny thing about this if it becomes a habit you see every match; I assure you, some players will be sidelined for mental injuries. If any of you have a say in this matter then by all means, comment away.

Last but not least, the first Brazil goal celebration was hilarious to no end. If I was passing by or if anyone was passing by, they would think Brazil was winning the World Cup final. This brings me to a serious note to end my end of the day scattered thoughts, Brazil was not convincing and I hope Scolari and the players were just working enough for the three points. I am no Brazilian fan, but some teams need to reach at the least the Quarter finals.

Until Tomorrow, Have a great day!