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COPPA ITALIA FINAL: 3 Reasons Why Napoli Will Win with The Siren's Song

While the players of both sides are enjoying visiting the Pope and getting ready for the big game, I got to find out from SB Nation Serie A Imperial Overlady Kirsten Schlewitz exactly why she thinks Napoli are going to win the Coppa Italia.

Kirsten's favorite player. Photo
Kirsten's favorite player. Photo
Claudio Villa

1) Rafa Benitez: He wins trophies, don't you know? For goodness sake, he just won one last year.  Since Napoli were already booted out of Europa League, Rafa has to win something to uphold his reputation. The Coppa is all that's left. And because this match is so important, that likely means he'll be playing Goran Pandev from the start. It doesn't matter that Gonzalo Higuain has been declared fit for the final - there's no one better to spur a side on to victory than Pandycakes.

2) Camo: Napoli have demonstrated a strange reluctance to wear their blue home kits this season, despite one of their nicknames being the azzurri. We can only assume it's because they love entering the pitch dressed for battle - if battle fatigues involved splotches of light blue and electric yellow, of course. Football is war, and with Napoli looking toothless so often recently, they need a little something extra to boost their performance.

3) Jose "Ziggy" Callejon: Yes, he's looked a bit "off" as of late, but wouldn't you be looking a bit tired if you'd started 42 games thus far? I'd say Callejon has been the most pleasant surprise of the Napoli season. Many of us thought he'd be just an adequate player, one who clearly exhibit his status as a Real Madrid reject. Instead he's been lively, tricky and annoying to opposing defenses. And considering Ziggy scores a goal every 2.3 games, and he failed to score against Inter last week, he's about due. Science!


I am pretty sure that Kirsten was being sarcastic in her enthusiasm for Pandev...

To do more reconnaissance work on our opponent on Saturday, check out always-excellent The Siren's Song. My "3 Reasons Why Fiorentina Will Win the Coppa Italia" is now up in the match preview, hopefully serving as a ray of light to enlighten the non-Viola masses.