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Heart And Soul - Fiorentina 2-2 Torino

With nothing to play for except the fans, Fiorentina came out, showed their passion and knocked Torino out of the Europa League.

Gabriele Maltinti

This was a play out game for Fiorentina and it's fans, with fourth place sealed up the week before and summer looming on the horizon. Both the team and the fans however, decided that the season wasn't quite over and both showed in force, with over 40,000 fans in the stand and Fiorentina fully focused to play Torino, who were playing to hold 6th place and a place in the Europa League.

Both squads put on a lively show, exchanging body blows with runs up and down the field, head shots, as they exchanged goals and finally the knock blow delivered by back up goalie Rosati as he blocked an Alessio Cerci penalty kick that would have sent the Torino outfit to Europe.

Guiseppe Rossi and Ante Rebic scored for the home team and former Viola Marcelo Larrando and Jasmin Kurtic scored for Torino


"The match was exciting until the very end becuase Torino put us in difficulty. Our goals? they are very clear, we must pursue our idea of Calcio, playing well on the field, regardless of our final position in the league. Tonight I feel successful because seeing 40,000 people in the stadium is a reason for pride. ou must appluad what has been done."


Spent most of the day scoreboard watching, so I'll let you rate the players today





Joaquin for Rossi
Rebic for Pasqual
Bakic for Cuadrado


Hi Lights

Serie A Goals

(* indicates a goal in this match)

Rossi (16) *
Cuadrado (11)
Aquilani (6)
Valero (6)
Matri (4)
Rodriguez (4)
Vargas (4)                      
Fernandez (3) 
Gomez (3)
Ilicic (3) 
Joaquin (2)
Pizarro (1)                
Rebic (1) *
Wolski (1)

Yellow Card Accumulation

(Disqualification of one game after the 4th, 8th, 12th, 15th and the 17th yellow card. Past 17, every yellow card is equivalent to a one-match ban. (Players receiving yellow cards in this match have an *, red cards #)

Rodriguez (13) *
Cuadrado (8) * -  misses first match of next season if still in Serie A
Ambrosini (7)
Aquilani (7)
Pizarro (6) *
Savic (5)  
Pasqual (5)
Valero (5) 
Matri (4)
Roncaglia (4) * -  misses first match of next season if still in Serie A
Neto (3)
Diakite (2) 
Vargas (2) *
Wolski (2)
Fernandez (1)
Gomez (1) 
Ilicic (1)
Rebic (1)
Rossi (1)