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Top Four Finish Again

It was Ebony and Ivory today for Fiorentina as Guiseppe Rossi and Juan Cuadrado combined for the lone goal to clinch fourth place in Serie A for the second straight year.

Gabriele Maltinti

Today's Fiorentina match at Livorno was a typical Serie A end of season yawner with neither side looking likely to score for most of 55 minutes, but the insertion of David Pizarro at halftime and Guiseppe Rossi near the hour mark sparked a fire under the purple squad.

Within two minutes of the Rossi insertion, Juan Cuadrado and Rossi combined on a give and go at the edge of the box to free up Cuadrado, and he went head to head with the Livorno goalie, who made the first stop, but gave up a rebound that Cuadrado chested past him for the easy tap in.

The result sealed both fourth place for Fiorentina and relegation for Livorno.

However, the season isn't done for either squad as both will be involved in the only question left in Serie A, which is who will finish sixth and go to the Europa League play offs. Fiorentina will go home and face Torino, who are currently in fifth, one point ahead of Parma, who travel to Livorno for their last match.


Didn't have a great viewing option, so I'll let the readers rate the players. I will say that Cuadrado was man of the match, with Rossi probably in second. Also thought Roncaglia did a decent job.





Pizarro for Matos '46
Rossi for Ilicic '55
Fernandez for Valero '85


"I was astonished at being selected as Captain. I'm happy for the win and for fourth place. Rossi? playing with him is easier, he is a player of great quality. My future? I am very happy with Fiorentina, where i have given everything and found great friends. I'm very happy here, lets see what happens.

Guiseppe Rossi:
"I'm fine, but I have to keep working. I'm happy for the team, we have reached fourth place and it's been a positive season for la Viola. I still don't have 90 minutes in my legs, but for a player that is the easiest thing to recover. I'm hopeful for the World Cup."

Fourth place was a goal (for us). It's a result we deserved and suffered for.Rossi? he is a tremedous player, I am sorry for his injuries. Hoepfully we have him available for all of next season.Reinforcements are needed for the next step. You need to have top level players, but it's hard to find them on the cheap. I want to stay in Florence, but to aim high we will need to raise the level of our squad. Inter and Milan will strengthen themselves, we will do so, as well.

Hi Lights

Serie A Goals

(* indicates a goal in this match)

Rossi (15)
Cuadrado (11) *
Aquilani (6)
Valero (6)
Matri (4)
Rodriguez (4)
Vargas (4)                      
Fernandez (3) 
Gomez (3)
Ilicic (3) 
Joaquin (2)
Pizarro (1)                
Wolski (1)

Yellow Card Accumulation

Disqualification of one game after the 4th, 8th, 12th, 15th and the 17th yellow card. Past 17, every yellow card is equivalent to a one-match ban. (Players receiving yellow cards in this match have an *, red cards #)

Rodriguez (12)
Ambrosini (7)  -  misses first match of next season with a yellow in last match
Aquilani (7) -  misses first match of next season with a yellow in last match
Cuadrado (7)
Savic (5)  
Pizarro (5)
Pasqual (5)
Valero (5) 
Matos(4) * -  misses next match
Matri (4)
Compper(3)  - misses first match of next season with a yellow in last match
Neto (3)  - misses first match of next season with a yellow in last match 
Roncaglia (3) * - misses first match of next season with a yellow in last match 
Diakite (2) 
Wolski (2)
Fernandez (1)
Gomez (1) 
Ilicic (1)
Rebic (1)
Rossi (1)
Vargas (1) *

Looking Ahead

Only thing left to determine is 6th place in the league and the final Europa League spot. Torino have a one point lead on Parma and should come into the Franchi looking for a win to seal that right. Parma play at relegated Livorno.

Most fans will expect to see the kids out there on the pitch, but this is Italy and teams and other fans frown on putting out a light line up in games that have consequences for other teams, so Montella will likely play most of the starters. Whether they actually try to win or not is very much a valid question, however.

Torino will be missing a huge player, however, as Ciro Immobile will be unavailable due to yellow card accumulation.