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International Friendlies

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Further complicating Vincenzo Montella's roster woes are meaningless midweek friendlies ahead of the big match with Juventus.

Mike Stobe

As if there weren't enough troubles for Fiorentina with injuries, substitutions and poor play, 5 players went off for meaningless friendlies with their countries.

Stefan Savic flew back to Podgorica, Montenegro to face off against the USA's first World Cup match up, Ghana. Savic played a full 90 minutes in a 1-0 victory, putting his fitness in doubt for Sunday. He likely will still start as Montella has been quoted as saying "his team is used to playing every three days now."

Also in the back-line, Nenad Tomovic went off to Dublin, Ireland as Serbia played the Home team. Tomovic did not get off the bench. It would have been better for him to play an not Savic as Tomovic is suspended for Sunday.

In the midfield, Matias Fernandez was called up by Chile for a trip to Germany to face a tough German squad. Not surprisingly, Chile lost, 1-0 but Fernandez only saw stoppage time as he was subbed on in the 90th minute.

Two forwards saw action today as well. Josep Ilicic and Slovenia traveled to Algeria and lost 2-0, while Juan Cuadrado and Colombia played Tunisia to a 1-1 tie in a neutral site in Barcelona. Both players started, with Ilicic playing 68 minutes and Cuadrado going 75.

No Fiorentina Italian Nationals were called up by their National Team

On the plus side, Juventus is in the same boat, and maybe worse as they had 12 players called up. Hoepfully fatigue and distraction might play a part early on Sunday morning.