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Giuseppe Rossi talks about last season's Juve game in new book

Pepito's new book "A Modo Mio" (My Way) is out, and he wrote a vivid recollection of beating Juventus.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

It'll be hard for any of us to forget the events of 10/20/13, but we're glad that hat-trick hero Giuseppe Rossi is also treasuring the memory of that wonderful match. Thanks to La Gazzetta dello Sport, a couple excerpts have been published from Rossi's new book, including a lengthy section on Fiorentina's victory over Juventus last October.

Here is what Rossi had to say on the 4-2 game, although please apologize my translating, as I did this on the fly: "There's plenty [in my life] that approaches a joy without limits. A bit like the feeling that I enjoyed after Fiorentina - Juventus. It was a very deeply felt game, and after the first half, where we went down by two goals, it had become an almost desperate undertaking, but in the end it transmuted into a type of apotheosis... When I came onto the field I felt myself overcome by a wave of heat, but also a bit of nervousness. In front of us were Juve (our eternal rivals) that Fiorentina hadn't beaten in a while; there was the expectation that we could do it, because the team was doing well. Often times it happens that you feel yourself at the crest of a wave, but then the wave knocks you down. In the first half we drowned. I wouldn't know how to explain why or how something switched, but in the second half our attitude was different, and the [key] signal was a phenomenal save by Neto on Marchisio."

"I scored the first from the penalty spot, and then I got the ball from Mati Fernandez, who had stolen it in midfield. I got past a juventino [Pogba] and I felt that I was flying. Goal at the second post, tie game. A stupendous thing. A scene from a movie, one of those American films... where the horse gains yard on yard, catching the adversary as they cross the finish line. Or, if you prefer, a last minute touchdown to rewatch thousands of times to enjoy it even more, just like it happens in the cinema, when the underdog, the outsider, beats the favorite with a move that doesn't come from the leg but from the head, or, even more, from one's courage..."

"I was more tired from emotion than from the game that we had just played. I saw people 40 or 50 years old crying and the emotion was incredible. 20th October 2013: difficult to forget this date."

Couldn't have said it any better myself. We'll certainly be missing Pepito on the pitch in this one, but we can also look forward to the beginning of 2015 and his return to the field. Hopefully for a bit of magic in Torino in the spring...