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Cesena vs. Fiorentina: Lineups and match thread

Montella puts Mati Fernandez behind Mario Gomez

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

Vincenzo Montella decided to field a team with only one striker, with Matias Fernandez being used in the role of the trequartista, behind Mario Gomez. Josip Ilicic seems to have lost the trust of the manager, and Marko Marin apparently still isn't fully fit to start a game in Serie A.

Fernandez was perhaps the most consistent (yes, you've read it right) performer for Fiorentina this season, although he played as central midfielder. However, the role behind the striker isn't anything new to him - in fact that's his natural position.

Gomez will be alone up front, but with the talent behind him, he should be able to at least get into positions to score. Fiorentina is playing with more or less four playmakers, plus Joaquin on the right. Montella's intentions are clear - he wants to dominate possession.

Line ups:

Cesena: ‎Leali, Nica, Mazzotta, Lucchini, Carbonero, Coppola, Volta, Capelli, Hugo Almeida, Cascione, Defrel

Fiorentina: Neto, Gonzalo, Basanta, Savic, Alonso, Pizarro, Borja, Aquilani, Joaquin, Gomez, Mati