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Bernardeschi out with a fractured ankle

Federico Bernardeschi fractured his ankle in training today, and could be out for weeks.

Gabriele Maltinti

Just when we thought this frustrating season couldn't get much worse, one of the most talented Italian youngsters, and, in the minds of most of the Fiorentina faithful, a forward who offers much more than certain more or less regulars, suffered an injury during a training today when he collided with another player. Federico Bernardeschi sustained a compound fracture to the lateral malleolus, as evidenced by diagnostic tests. It is yet to be seen how long a stop Berna is facing, but with this kind of injury, it could weeks, or even months before he's back in training again.

After losing Giuseppe Rossi and Mario Gomez (who is, thankfully, back now), it's another blow to a team that still finds it hard to score goals consistently. More importantly, it's a setback for Bernardeschi himself, who, despite not playing every game, found himself a decent amount of space to develop at Fiorentina, especially in Europa League where he started two out of three matches.

Federico has scored two goals so far this season, and added one assist to his name. The 20 year old is one of the key members of the Italian Under-21 team that recently qualified for the European Championships.