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Manuel Pasqual Sidelined With Injury

The Fiorentina club captain sustained a serious adductor injury while playing for Italy

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Manuel Pasqual has had a loyal, hardworking, and occasionally brilliant career in Florence. But it seems like every time Fiorentina start to recognize his worth something goes wrong. Poor form, changes in manager or system, and injuries have often interrupted his best spells. This time, just as he was proving his importance to the Fiorentina starting eleven and was about to have a top target man returned to his crosses in Mario Gomez, the Veneto-born 32 year old will have to battle an at least semi-serious muscular injury.

Pasqual was given the start by Antonio Conte in Italy's key qualifier in Milan against Croatia, but only lasted 28' before the leg injury forced the change. HIs agent stated today that his client was "down" after the injury, also reflecting on the aforementioned misfortune that Manuel has suffered in his good periods. "It's not a short-term injury" said his agent (Gastone Rizzatto) to ViolaNews, going on to note that "there's a lot of  bitterness because it seemed that the right time [for him to consistently start] had come." It's certainly a complicated injury, with recovery estimates ranging from several weeks to a couple months. The official Fiorentina release only specified that Pasqual would be subject to another set of tests in a week's time. We will surely be hoping to see our captain back fit and firing very soon.