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It's On Us: Join The Blog-Wide Campaign to End Sexual Assault

You may have noticed the new logo. Here's what it's all about.

SB Nation has joined a White House sponsored campaign to combat sexual violence, especially among young adults. The many faceted mission is a year-long (or more) work in progress, but all of us at SB Nation are trying to particularly ramp up our involvement in November. Take the pledge, tell your friends, take a critical eye to how you speak about sex, power, and violence, and always be sure to share your stories at the hub or on social media.

Must Reads

Here are a couple good things to look at if you want to know more about Vox / SB Nation's involvement in the campaign, and how it works. This is the celebrity-stuffed PSA, and here is the Vox sound-byte from a while ago announcing the campaign.

If any of you have questions or (brownie points) ideas for ways that we could be more involved here at Viola Nation, please note them below. I am going to try and see if I can get any kind of sister support in Italy for the campaign, although it's kind of a tricky thing to translate since it is such a US-and-college-centric initiative. But it does seem the right type of thing for any Fiorentina fan to support, as our beloved club has a strong tradition of fair play and supporting good causes within and outside of football.

This is nice too.