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Know Your Enemy: A Q&A with The AC Milan Offside

With a big game ahead of us, we sat down with Giancarlo of AC Milan Offside

Valerio Pennicino

It's early days, but third place battle is on. Matches between AC Milan and Fiorentina draw a lot of attention anyway, so we thought we should talk with are friends over at AC Milan Offside. Giancarlo was nice enough to answer are questions about the rossoneri and give his opinion of the game ahead

Viola Nation: Arrival, or rather, promotion, of Filippo Inzaghi brought much more optimism among AC Milan fans, after a bad season. What is it that changed - is it that new signings are that good that they made the team that much better, are Inzaghi's tactical tweaks what did the job or was it something else?

AC Milan Offside: Under Massimo Allegri Milan seemed to be playing against themselves, constantly beating themselves with errors and lack of confidence. The player attrition didn't help, but it certainly was a factor. Under Clarence Seedorf there was immense pressure and the tactics were simply terrible. No plan, no direction, just stubborn usage of a flawed system. With Inzaghi it has very much been a clean slate and the team is far better for it. While some players have picked up their game the new outlook has been refreshing.

Viola Nation: Milan is, like Fiorentina, still far from being able to challenge for the scudetto. The goal is that third place, and there are 4 candidates (Milan, Inter, Napoli, Fiorentina). It's still too early, but who do you see as the favorite and why?

AC Milan Offside: I still see Napoli as the favorite simply from a personnel a standpoint, and if you has asked me in week one it would have been a very answer. Napoli hand's down. Now as the season has gone on I am leaning towards Milan, and while I am normally not an optimist, i think this team has the fortitude and mentality to make it happen. Not playing in Europe will help as well.

Viola Nation: Milan is much more efficient in front of the goal this season, but some defensive problems are still there. Do you think Inzaghi is on the right track to get that problem out of the way?

AC Milan Offside: No I do not, that problem goes beyond the Coach. When Adil Rami, who is average at your best, is your first name on the team sheet; it is safe to say you have problems in defense. Milan need a leader at CB and with that will come solidarity in defense. Pippo can mask some of the problems with the right midfield personnel but in the end the position of center back is far to weak to make Milan a real contender for anything more than third place.

Viola Nation: Fiorentina managed to leave San Siro victorious in the three previous seasons. Do you think that will have any influence on the Sunday's game, can it be a sort of a mental barrier for Milan players, or perhaps it will make them even more motivated? If not that, what could in fact be the deciding factor in this match?

AC Milan Offside: Fiorentina is very much Milan's boogey man. I think there is a bit of confidence on Vincenzo Montella's part and he can say we have done it this not one cut three times and can do it again. Milan, in my opinion, needs to stay out of that game and simply go out there and play a good efficient ninety minutes. If they can do that the result will come, but if they panic then Fiorentina will be the favorites.

Viola Nation: If you could take one Fiorentina player in to the Milan's squad for the Sunday's match, who would that be?

AC Milan Offside: With Milan's problems in defense it would have to be Stefan Savic.

Viola Nation: Prediction for the match on Sunday?

Ha, I don't do predictions! Never have never will, but best of luck on Sunday and hoping for a great match!

Thank you Giancarlo for an interesting chat. Let's hope we all enjoy a great game of football tomorrow! After you're done reading this, visit AC Milan Offside and check our answers to their questions.