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Fiorentina vs Lazio: Break The Spell

Can Fiorentina break the spell of underperforming after long breaks and put on the same performance last seen against Inter Milan in Florence? The line-ups have been set, and the Franchi is filling up with purple supporters to kick of the return to Serie A match after a long International break.

Tullio M. Puglia

Montella will go once again with the exactly the same line-up that destroyed te blue part of Milan in Serie A's last fixture. The 4-3-1-2 is Cuadrado's formation and if he leads the way as he did against Inter then Kurtic and Fernandez will causing the danger on Marchetti's goal. Babacar is set to be the target man after the confidence boost from his astonishing goal last match.

Making La Viola bench for the first time this season is Hegazi and Brilliante looks like he is back from exile island to rejoin his teamates. Marin who was listed in the squad did not make the bench but things look positive for a sooner than later start.


Fiorentina: Neto, Tomovic, Savic, Gonzalo, Alosno, Pizarro, Aquilani, Kurtic, Fernandez, Cuadrado, Babacar.

Lazio: Marchetti, Cavanda, De Vrij, Ciani, Radu, Parolo, Biglia, Mauri,Candreva, Djordjevic, Lulic