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ViolaPod: Cold Weather Reflections

I once again "sat down" with Giancarlo Rinaldi (via the Internet) to discuss Fiorentina's recent performances, upcoming matches, and the club's future.

Il Principino approves. Photo
Il Principino approves. Photo
Gabriele Maltinti

The winter of our injury events may not yet be over, but along with a high place in the Serie A table, allow the ray of sunshine that is VIOLAPOD through the curtains of your midwinter depression. Giancarlo and I tackle injuries, formations, form, the goalkeeper (... as always), stadium plans, coming fixtures, and the curse of being a Fiorentina fan in a typically blockbuster-length podcast. No clanking pipes this time, but I do bump the desk a couple times, for you fans of incidental podcast noise. So pour yourself a grappa or a scotch (maybe a hot toddy?), wrap that purple scarf tightly around your neck, and enjoy a hard-earned break from the drudgeries of non-Fiorentina existence.

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"The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom. Fiorentina only cures the latter." -- Arthur Schopenhauer