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Fiorentina: You ain't a beauty but hey you're alright ...

Fiorentina came out this evening and lost to Grasshopper, 1-0, but advance to the Group Stage on away goals.

Gabriele Maltinti

Hey, it's happened to all of us before, maybe all of the pretty one's are taken, or have gone home, or were never there because you hang out in slimy dives smelling of stale beer, unwarshed human and old puke, whatever, at least once in your life you had to settle and, well... make your bed with something ... ugly.

And tonight,, Viola fans, we're gonna have to just make our bed with something ugly, and well, we're going to have to like it cuz even though Fiorentina lost at home to a Swiss club, they still advance on the 2 goals they scored last week and will most likely be seeded in the 1st pot for tomorrow's draw. The Euro adventure will continue.

i'll just say from what i read of what our contributors had to say, Fiorentina came out and did the bare minimum. giving up only one goal in a 0-1 loss to Grasshopper and yet still advance on the power of their two away goals.

And you know what, Viola Fans, no matter how badly you hate yourself the next day, sometimes, in the moment, hey, it's alright.


Vincenzo Montella:
"The qualification gies great satisfaction, but our opponents were in better physical shape and made us suffer."

"I saw some good things in the second hal, starting with Mario Gomez. No one held back."

"I’d like for us to play some important games in some prestigious stadiums."

on Neto:

"Mistakes can happen, he reacted afterwards like a goalkeeper who can hold his own. Fortunately we qualified and the lad should be more relaxed from now on."


I didn't get to actually watch this match and there's no highlights as of yet, so, rather than blind guesses on player ratings, I'll ask you to add your player ratings for the match and see what we get.






Yellow Card Accumulation

1 game suspension after three yellow cards in three different matches
(Players receiving yellow cards in this match have an *, red cards #)

Neto(2) *
Aquilani(1) *
Ilicic(1) *

NOTE: yellow cards from games prior to group play do NOT carry over to group stages so all these players will have a clean slate next match.

Hi Lights

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