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ViolaPod: 2013-2014 Season Preview

Our first ever podcast breaks down squad strengths and weaknesses, rambles about "fearsome" strike partnerships in Serie A, uses the word "hubris," and finally makes a shout-out to rowboats.

Support. But now audio. In English. Photo
Support. But now audio. In English. Photo
Claudio Villa

It's rambly, it's stuttering, it's rough, it's disorganized, and I give too many unsubstantiated opinions... But it's also raw, casual, (hopefully) fun, and a new forum to talk more about our beloved Fiorentina! It's ViolaPod!

In this first ViolaPod I look ahead to the new season, pick out individuals to watch, talk a bit about formation, and look at our competition. If people are inclined to give me a second shot at discussing Fiorentina in podcast fashion, then keep a weather eye out for another call for questions/comments/talking points for the next one, likely next month ... Ideally these pods should be driven by what YOU want to talk about, instead of what I think you want me to talk about. Post your reactions below, and they might provide fodder for our next pod! Did I mention that I am excited about the coming season? Because I am.

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Actually though, someone bet me that Gervinho will win a Scudetto.