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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Deep into June Gloom, Fiorentina Fans wait impatiently for news... any news.

Robert Cianflone

Here we are, deep in to June, one of the worst months in the world for most fans of the world's most popular sport.

Most leagues have just finished, national play is virtually over, with the exception of the Confederation Cup and a lot of the players are out on the beach, or in the disco, or back with the families, or maybe drunk in some back alley, leaving the fans little outlet for their passion, which doesn't seem to want to take a vacation.

The so called journalists and various pundits try to respond to that passion with every rumor imaginable, but the fantasy doesn't seem to quench our desires for the real thing.

The good news here is that the transfer window opens in a few days and if Fiorentina have been holding onto any secrets, that will be the first opportunity to pull the trigger.

All that being said, I have no news in regards to players, or transfers or anything else related to the squad, but I do have a little tidbit of news for you.

Today, the league announced it's Calendar for the season. The Calendar is a list of the pertinent dates for the season. This is not the schedule, that will come out later, most likely last week of July.

so, drum roll, please....

Serie A
August 25th - Opening Day
September 8th - First International Break
September 25th - First Midweek Match
October 13th - Second International Break
October 30th - Second Midweek Match
November 17th - Third International Break
December 22nd - Last Match Before Winter Break
January 5th - First Match After Winter Break
March 26th - Third Midweek Match
May 18th - Last Match Day

First qualifying round Sunday, August 4th
Second qualifying round Sunday, August 11th
Third qualifying round Saturday, August 17th
Fourth round Wednesday, December 12
Round of Thursday, January 9th
Quarter-finals Wednesday, January 22nd
Semifinals (first leg) Wednesday, February 5th
Semifinals (return leg) Wednesday, February 12th
Final Saturday, May 3rd

As this is clearly not enough to satisfy even the most casual of viewers and in a blatant attempt to leech hits from twitter and facebook I give you a cat. Feel free to recommend captions if it so pleases you