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Runaround Sue

Here’s my story it’s sad but true, It’s about a girl that I once knew, She took my love then ran around, With every single guy in town...

Gabriele Maltinti

It's a sad story that every Calcio fan must face, you give your heart to a player, you dish out your hard earned pennies to buy a jersey at ridiculously exorbitant prices and wear it proudly, displaying your love for all to see and in return you get nothing but stories about how he's going to forsake you, leaving you high and dry and left with an overpriced piece of fabric, good for nothing but rubbing grease off your car.

Except for years, that player protests his innocence, he says he doesn't want to leave, that he's happy with you, but still, deep in your heart, where no one else can see, you curl up in a fetal position knowing full well he's going to stray, knowing he's going to start making goo goo eyes at that flashy, slick tool with the black and white stripes, or an Englishman, with loads of cash in his pockets, or maybe the solid German, pointing to new Champions League Trophy.

But you hold out hope, he'd never do that to YOU, you have something special, he just couldn't...

Well he did, Stevan Jovetic has finally come out and said what we all expected in the end, we're just not good enough. we're just yesterday's news, that we're just not "stimulating enough" for him:

"I've been at Fiorentina since 2008, five very intense seasons," Jovetic told Gazzetta dello Sport.

"I really feel like I've given everything. I'm young and ambitious and it is normal to feel the need to test myself elsewhere. I do not think there's anything wrong with desire.

"Florence and la Viola fans have always asked me to be upfront: so here it is. I need stimulation elsewhere, I need to devote myself to a top club.

"I've played in Europe with Fiorentina, now I want to win in Europe."

To further rub salt in wounds that never got over a similar defection in 1990, he, when asked about Juve, responded:

"For a year they (Juventus) have said they want me," he said. "I come before (Zlatan) Ibrahimovic, (Carlos) Tevez and (Gonzalo) Higuain in their list. Who would not be flattered?

"With (Juventus manager Antonio) Conte I feel that I could continue to grow. I think the feeling is mutual.

Jovetic completed his Dear John letter to his fans with:

"But the Premier League is also fantastic championship, as is La Liga. I have some opportunities so we'll see."

Understandably, perhaps the most hurt by this is Andrea Delle Valle and he is furious, promising fines for the "Unauthorized Interview."

Perhaps an angry and jilted ADV will fuel a Fiorentina push to see Jovetic sent abroad, rather than let him wind up in Turin, maybe he's angry enough to sit him in the stands until his contract expires, it's certainly legal, but probably not likely. Whatever the result, odds are Stevan Jovetic has played his last match in Florentine Viola.

All I know, I think my next jersey won't have a name and number on it's back and it's time to go change my car's oil