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Fiorentina's "What Ifs" Part 1

What if....

Giuseppe Bellini

After a great season, finishing fourth in the league but missing out on third place due to seeming injustices and questionable calls, I thought I'd comment on those games that might have been a point or three lost, or maybe could have swung the other way.
In this article, I'll talk about the first half of the season. In a couple of days I'll do the second half.

So, in 2012 What if.....

September 2, 2012 @Napoli 2-1 Loss
After the season opening win behind Jojo's brace agaisnt Udinese, Fiorentina went on the road for the first time and dominated Napoli in every category except the final score. Poor shooting for everyone, especially Jovetic killed the Viola attack, beating Hugo Campagnaro after three minutes but shooting wide and wasting another chance following a corner as he fired at Morgan De Sanctis. Fiorentina shot SIXTEEN times, and only got three shots on net, one of those a late score by Jovetic. Add to that two mistakes on counters, a ball going off Valero for a goal and another defensive mistake leaving Dzemali wide open.

What if Fiorentina could have gotten 3 or 4 more shots on net, De Sanctis was there to be had- missed a chance at 2 or even 3 points

September 22, 2012 @Parma 1-1 Tie

After a win against Catania at the Franchi, Fior travelled to Parma for their second road match. Roncaglia put Fiorentina ahead early and 2 minutes from half time, Parma were sent down a man, but Jovetic missed the penalty, which would've put Fiorentina ahead by two goals and with a man advantage. With a late hand ball call on Luca Toni, Parma equalized. A complete fail not only on Jovetic, but Toni as well.

What if Jovetic makes the penalty shot, it's 2-0 with Viola having a man advantage. game over. 2 points lost

September 25, 2012 Juventus 0-0 Tie

Fiorentina had several penalty claims in the first half that were ignored and late in the half, Ljajic was wide open on goal and couldn't get the ball on net. Jovetic hit the crossbar. Fiorentina were the better squad for most of the match, out shooting Juve 17 to 8, but each team could only get 2 shots on net.

What if Fiorentina is given a penalty or Fior get more balls on the net, could've been two extra points. At the time, i recall being satisfied with a tie, however

October 21, 2012 @Chievo 1-1 Tie
After a loss at Inter and a win at home against Bologna Fiorentina travelled to Chievo. Both teams scored early, Thereau for the Flying Donkeys and Gonzalo for La Viola. Multiple missed opportunities, chief of which was a Toni header off the post. Sixteen shots for Fior, only 2 on net. This point of the season, it was a reoccuring theme, shots galore but not many that had a chance.

What if Luca Toni header goes in or Fior get more shots on net, probably a Fiorentina win. 2 points lost.

And then the big win streak happened. Wins against Lazio, at Genoa, Cagliari, the big win at Milan followed up by a drubbing of Atalanta and all looked peachy and then...

November 25, 2012 @Torino 2-2 Tie
A dominating effort as most of the matches the first half of the season were, but largely a futile effort as it took Fiorentina 75 minutes to finally get on the scoreboard as Rodriguez scored a Penalty Kick to answer Cerci's goal at the end of the first half. Aquilani missed a fairly easy header early and Cerci's shot was knocked in offf of Viviano. I seem to recall thinking Emiliano could've done better. In the 2nd half, Seferovic headed off the post and Pasqual had a chance at a Ljajic rebound and also headed it over the net. Torino scored 2 minutes later and it was left to El Hamdaoui to put in a late goal to rescue a point. 15 shots with only 4 on.

What if Viviano had a better day. Should have been 2-0 Fiorentina and 2 points lost.

December 2, 2012 Sampdoria 2-2 Tie
Fiorentina followed up a ho hum performance at Torino with a ho hum performance at home, wasting a brace for Stefan Savic. Savic got the scoring started 20 minutes into the half, but Fiorentina allowied an early goal right after half time, which was followed 20 minutes later by an own goal on Rodriguez. Savic got his second to rescue a point at home. Sampdoria really packed it back and took Montella out of his game. Fiorentina took 16 shots, but only 5 were on net most of them on net were weak.

What if Fiorentina could score from the run of play, rather than all goals coming from set pieces, as both did in this match.

The next three matches were of the butt whoopin variety, two on the givin' end and one on the receivin' end. Fiorentina went to Roma and were schooled, 4-2. They came back to the Franchi and beat Siena 4-1 and finished off 2012 with a 3-0 drubbing of palermo in Sicily.

Things really couldn't have looked brighter at this point. With the exception of the Roma beat down, Fiorentina were in and had even arguably dominated play in virtually every match. With a strong Winter market and a strong start to the season, the sky was the limit...