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It's Time to Find the Next Viola Blogger

After 3 years of blogging about this incredible team with my awesome partner in crime, slakas, it's time to hand over the reins of one of the coolest jobs on the web to someone with passion, dedication, great writing, and most importantly, love for everything purple and loathing for everything striped. Here's how we're going to find the next viola blogger.


There are a variety of reasons why i'm stepping down. A new professional life has rendered me unable to post great stories every week, i've had to dedicate myself to other blogs, and I find myself with new editors and deadlines, but more importantly I want to give someone else the opportunity to show their passion and dedication for this team and after this incredible season, I think there is a lot to be excited about. Although my only regret is i'll never get to write about a European match, I've seen so many passionate individuals here and no matter what I am perfectly certain that the site will always be in hands. So lets first talk about the job.

The perfect viola blogger has to post every weekend, either a match preview or a match review. They have to keep themselves informed from a variety of viola faithful sites (ViolaNews and FirenzeViola among them) as well as weeding out the BS news and report on all things viola. The ability to post in midweek is strongly preferred as it ups the excitement for the weekend, and i'm announcing this early in the summer so that who ever takes my place has the opportunity to become familiar with the tools and the board before the season hits. The ideal viola blogger is unyieldingly passionate about the team and uses a preview not just to convey information about the lineup or the game but to get the fans excited about the match. Imagine that each match is the crucial point of the season and express how important each match is. They must be able to self edit themselves, fact check and have minimal grammatical errors.

So the way that we're doing this is we're going to have a little write off. For anyone who is interested in the position, I would like to write a mock preview for a fictional Juventus-Fiorentina match. You may adjust the lineups accordingly, be creative and have fun, but ground the preview in reality (i.e. we won't be signing Messi this summer) include some disqualifications, injuries, stack the odds if you need to, but what i'm going to be looking for is something exciting, something that tells me I can't miss the game. Include what has been happening in the midweek, has there been a deal? Has something happened on the training ground? Did Kharja realize his dream of becoming a train conductor? Those little midweek tidbits are what make the board fun. Along with the piece, tell me a little about yourself and your fandom for the team and also include your e-mail so that i'll be able to contact you.

Submit all your entries to

The contest will close on Monday June 3rd and from there i'll announce the winner. Ideally the winner should make themselves available to get settled in and report on the upcoming transfer season.

Again I thank you all for 3 amazing years and i'm excited to see what's next.