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Hold Your Head Up - Fiorentina Finish Strong, 5-1 Over Pescara

Questionable calls in Siena leave Fiorentina fans wondering, but Fiorentina finish strong and score 5 in Siena, missing a Champion's League spot by the smallest of margins...

Giuseppe Bellini

Fiorentina finish off their best season since 2008-09 when they finished fourth, with 68 points and 53 goals scored.

This year's edition did Prandelli's squad one better in more than one aspect, by earning more points and scoring a lot more goals, scoring, in fact, the second highest amount of goals in the league this season, at 72, one behind Napoli's 73.

Prandelli's squad, however, reached the Promised Land of the Champions League, while this season's edition is on the outside looking in, due to Italy's co-efficient failures and loss of the fourth spot to Germany.

It is hard to deny German superiority however, as two German squads get ready to face off in the Champions League final on Saturday.

Adem Ljajic, surprise of the season, scored his 9th, 10th and 11th goals, putting himself on the League scoring list, only 2 goals behind Stevan Jovetic, who also scored a goal, netting his 13th of the season. Mattias Fernandez got the other goal, while putting on the show of his Viola Career.

Most of the Viola fans focus was on another match, over in the other Franchi stadium in which decisions seemed to go against our guys and certainly local press is up in arms at what is being called "Uno Scandala."

Mario Balotelli was given a very questionable penalty and several other questionable decisions by game ref Bergonzi all seemed to go Milan's way and they scored a late 2-1 victory to barely secure third place in the last 6 minutes of the match. The result was particularly cruel as most of the match had Fiorentina in third place and in the Champions League.

Regardless, Fiorentina fans should take a long moment and savor the feeling of a race for the Champions league, a fourth place finish and a place in the Europa League and recall how it felt this time last year, threatened with relegation and having to scramble to secure safety in the last few matches.

Don't let the seeming injustice of the final day take away from the job that Andrea Delle Valle has done, bringing in Daniele Prade, elevating Eduardo Macia hiring young up and comer Vincenzo Montella and buying a fresh lineup to bring excitement back to Firenze.

All comments seem to indicate that Andrea and Prade intend to continue the trend and bring in more players in the off season and also keep the talent they have, although big decisions remain for many notable players, including Jovetic, Ljajic and Cuadrado.

Other decisions will be in ownerships court, as it remains to be seen if Fiorentina will pay Emiliano Viviano's big price tag.

All that being said, it will be an important summer coming up in Viola Land.

Although, all things considered, it is quite possible that LAST summer was the biggest thing in Viola History since the end of the Sixties and the last Viola Scudetto

So, my plea to you, my Viola Brethren: Forget all the negative, forget the injustice and just bask in the accomplishment, bask in your teams improvement over last year and how great it is now. Another good transfer window and this team could very well be a favorite for a top three finish

Report Cards

Viviano(7)- made three saves on all shots that came his way. I really want to see Emiliano back in Viola and i don't care how much he costs. His love of the squad is a big part of the late season success and I believe he deserves to stay. Subbed late for Lupatelli; Lupatelli (6) mr sideburns gets to take his motivational locker room act onto the field for the last match. Sadly he gave up a goal, but it was late and no factor and he gets a good grade for his off the field work
Tomovic(7)- calm on the ball, made a timely sliding tackle and really showed his stuff moving forward. Granted, it was against Serie B material, but Tomovic looked good
Rodriguez(7)- same as above. solid and unperterbed, with a caveat of "it was only Pescara"
Commper(7)- Should someone else sign Rodridguez from us, Marvin showed his complete competence. With Hegazi and Camporese still in back up, the central defense looks like it's in good shape for a while to come.
Pasqual(7)- Pasqual has been the Captain of this season, so he deserves the applause as much as any one else on this squad. Granted, his crossing precentage was crap again, 2 of 7, you can't argue with the teams results. i wold lie to see a little bit less of Manuel pressing forward next year, however and more focus from him in midfield and defense.
Fernandez(8)- Waited for the last game to show his stuff, but he was amazing on the ball today. Perfect through balls, every pass a winner, kept the ball away from defenders ala Pizzaro, and topped it all off with a cherry bomb of a goal from long distance. Mati made a big statement for his continued participation in the project today.
Pizzaro(7)- Had less of a role today, but has been an integral part of this squad this season, if not one of the MOST important points in the team. Fernandez was the best man in the midfield today, but Pizzaro was solid and there when needed.
Valero(7)- played more on the right side today and was another vital cog in the Viola Crush today. has stated that he has many years on his contract and is happy. Don't believe the Spain rumors, he'll be back next year.
Cuadrado(7)- didn't have as dominant a match as he has usually had all season, but this guy is the most important guy in the offseason. Fiorentina can afford to lose Jovetic, as sad as that thoght is, but cannot afford to lose Juan Cuadrado. Pizarro may be the steering wheel, but Cuadrado is the engine and the squad needs Juan to go. Whatever it takes, he needs to be Fiorentina for the forseeable future; G. Rossi(6) - A long awaited appearance for one Giuseppi Rossi, as he got to strap on his cleats in a somewhat meaningful manner and get some play on the pitch. He did nothing amazing, and didn't really change the game, but this guy is going to score us some goals, maybe a lot of goals and the future is bright indeed.
Jovetic(7)- A few weak shots directly at teh goalie early, a shot later with some punch to it and finally got his 13th of the season on a nice one on one. Will he stay or will he go will be the theme of the summer, but for now, jojo is still Viola and praise for this season in his direction is very much deserved. he leads the team in goals and he remains the face of the team. If this season becomes his last, I will wish him godspeed and good luck... Well as long as his future is off the peninsula, that is.
Ljajic(8.5) What can you say. Coming off a two game suspension, he gets a hat trick, is clearly at least one level, if not a lot more, above the competition and had huge smiles and laughter as he comes off the field, a clear 180 degrees from the manner in which he came off the field for the last time last season. Subbed for Wolski; Wolski(6) - game was already over but showed nice poise, dribbling through the box at least once. A nice preview of the future.

Montella(8)- Once again gets his squad to ignore all the distractions and go on the road and finally dominate a team that should be dominated, to crush all hope early and keep their foot on their foes throat until there was no danger of a comeback, the sort of team that wouldn't have tied at Torino or Parma, that wouldn't have let Sampdoria tie at the Franchi. It's been a long, strange trip for Vincenzo Montella and the Viola of Fiorentina but the sky is the limit as I see it.



After 30 minutes we had already put the result under lock and key, so we were waiting to hear news from the other stadiums. Do we feel bitter? No, we should be calm and proud, as we tried and believed right to the end. We ought to be proud that we pushed Milan to the finish line and forced them into this last-gasp result. It was a duel that everyone enjoyed, so I compliment Milan and Massimiliano Allegri, who fought back brilliantly. We have no regrets.

Milan were better at taking penalties. We missed some decisive ones along the way… The team had an extraordinary season and when we slipped up, we always got back on our feet. I don’t know what our targets are next season, but I don’t think there should be disappointment tonight.

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