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Purple People Eaters - Fiorentina 1-0 Palermo

After virtually assuring Siena's relegation last week, Fiorentina come home to the Franchi and send Palermo down to Serie B as well, winning 1-0 and securing fourth place for themselves...

Gabriele Maltinti

Fiorentina completed the home portion of what has been a magical campaign today, beating Palermo 1-0, sending them to Serie B and solidified themselves with at least 4th place in the place in the league and ensure European participation next season.

A goal from Luca Toni and some solid defending was enough to get the result needed.

Report Cards

Viviano(6)- only called on to make 2 saves, one which required a long stretch. Emiliano's 11th clean sheet of the season. Viviano has 18 wins, 6 draws and 7 losses to his credit this season.
Roncaglia(6)- played well in defense and going forward. Late in the match, slipped a few times whcih could've have turned into chances, but his defensive mates covered each time.
Rodriguez(6)- Solid as ever, Played well with Facundo and Savic. A rock.
Savic(6.5)- Played real well, both in defnese and going forward. Had a timely intervention in teh first half coming across and taking away a ball from a Palermo player in the box. Subbed for Hegazi due to injury. Hegazi(6) - came in after a long absense without a lot of warmup time. Was ready to go and played well. Nice to see him back.
Cuadrado(7.5)- called him unstoppable in this match and he truly was, several great crosses, the assist on the goal, almost another as well. Ran around people like they were standing still and caused yellow cards.
Fernandez(6.5)- Fernandez played a lot better today, might have been his best game in the purple.
Pizarro(6.5)- When you see his play week in and week out, you grow to expect it and maybe devalue what he does, but his control, his possession, his calmness really sets the tone for the team.
Valero(6.5)- Same can be said for Valero as Pizarro. Calm, cool and unperturbed. Subbed late for Romulo. Romulo(NA)
Pasqual(6)- Seemed tired, did get 2 successful crosses in in 6 attempts, which is a good percentage (for him).
Jovetic(6)- Played better in the first half than in the second, when the rain clearly took him out of his game. Had a shot on early, had a ball taken out of ht enet for offside, and just missed the corner of the net.
Toni(7)- Might be his last match at the Franchi, certainly would be the last start, as if he does sign for next season, you would have to think he'd just be a substitute. IT was great that he scored, expecially after that sitter he missed last week.

Montella(7.5)- What can you say about this man and this season. Fourth place in his first season with a almost totally reset lineup. He's brought them together and formed them into a squad to be feared. sky's the limit


Vincenzo Montella: "We are talking about the length of the contract. The important thing is to continue together and be clear on what our plans are. Luca Toni has performed above and beyond our expectations."

Looking Ahead

One last match in Pescara. Pescara are already relegated, but might play hard for their fans as it will be the last time they'll see top flight Calcio at home. Fiorentina might still be in the race for third, depending on Milan's afternoon match, if third is still an option, you might see the starters, otherwise, you might see some youth on the pitch. A big question is whether Rossi gets his first chance in a Viola kit.

Sunday, May 19 2:45 ET US Pescara v Fiorentina

Juventus 87
Napoli 78
Milan 68
Fiorentina 67

Fiorentina Scenarios
3rd place - Fiorentina hold the tiebreaker with Milan, so they can get third place with a win and 2 ties or worse for Milan.

Sunday, May 12 9:00 ET AC Milan v AS Roma
Sunday, May 19 2:45 ET Siena v AC Milan

Relegation battle - over
Torino 38
Genoa 37
Palermo 32 (relegated)
Siena 30 (relegated)
Pescara 22 (relegated)

Hi Lights

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The Celebration

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