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We Are The World; Viola's International Players

Viola Fans are stuck in the morass of another International break...

Thought I'd update where our World Class players and their national teams stand, since it's been a while.

World Cup Qualifying


European qualifying continues over the next couple of days. First place in group qualifies directly to the World Cup. Second place plays a two leg tie with another second place squad.

Stevan Jovetic and Stefan Savic have been called up by Montenegro Head Coach Branko Brnović. Montenegro lead Group H with 10 points. England are second with 8 points and Poland third with 5. Moldova, 4 pts, Ukraine, 2 pts and San Marino, 0 points round out the group. Poland and Ukraine, however, have a game in hand.

Montenegro travels to Moldova, while Poland host Ukraine and England travels to San Marino on Friday. Since England is looking at a sure 3 points, a result in Moldova is a must for Jojo's team.

On Tuesday, Montenegro host England in one of the biggest matches of the break, could be for the group. Poland host San Marino and will be looking for the easy three points while Moldova travels to Ukraine.

Nenad Tomovic has been called up, but will likely sit on the bench in favor of ex-Viola Nastasic. Serbia is in real trouble, currently in third place with 4 pts, tied with Macedonia, 6 points behind Belgium and Croatia, who have 10 pts. Wales, 3 pts, and Scotland with 2 pts, bring up the rear.

Belgium will play home and away against Macedonia Friday and Tuesday, while Croatia host Serbia Friday and travel to Wales on Tuesday. Serbia will host Scotland on Tuesday. Both matches are must wins for Mihajlovic's lads.

South America


With Brazil already qualified as hosts, top 4 teams automatically qualify while 5th place plays a playoff.

Juan Cuadrado will be playing two matches, at home against Bolivia and away at Venezuela on Friday and Tuesday. Colombia will need three points in the first match to hold their position and hope for a result in the second.

Matias Fernandez will play in two matches, at Peru on Friday at home against Uruguay on Tuesday. Both are must wins for Chile if they hope to move up the table.