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ViolaPod: "Going Big" Edition

Some immense performances and club developments deserve an immense podcast, so Giancarlo Rinaldi and I whiled away a fall afternoon with an exhaustive (but not exhausting) look at Fiorentina affairs.

Gabriele Maltinti

This ViolaPod has it all, folks. A fantastic accent providing enlightening opinions, some team and club news hot off the press, and yours truly chuckling right into the microphone (not to mention the explosive metallic pings of my apartment heat pipes warming up towards the end... the wonders of New York City housing). Giancarlo Rinaldi and I look forward to the imminent return of Mario Gomez, look back at the sensational win against Juventus, and peer around at the rest of Serie A as well. Hopefully this'll be a semi-regular thing, we both had a blast.

But for now curl up next to the fire, sip some grappa, and listen to us chitter chatter as you eagerly anticipate the return of your beloved Fiorentina this weekend.

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And yes, I did manage to jam a Roy Hodgson joke in there. I promise to do better next time.